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Where Will It Land?

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Where Will It Land? Controls

Place your guess using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Where Will It Land? Guide

Where Will It Land is a great online math game in which you learn more about angles so you can make an educated guess as to where the atom will end up. As the levels progress more and more obstacles appear which make the game more difficult but you are armed with tools to help make your guess. With the ruler, the protractor and the pencil, you can estimate where the atom will hit obstacles and what other obstacles it will hit before it reaches the finish line. From there, you can place your guess on the finish line and hit go to see how right you were.

Where Will It Land gives you unlimited lives and several modes of play to choose from, each providing its own unique benefits. In most modes (aside from Survival and Time Attack) you are given a grade on how close your estimate was to being accurate. In the beginning levels, getting an 'A' isn't all that difficult, with unlimited lives, you don't have to worry about how many failing grades you get. The goal is to improve and do the best you can. You'll improve each time you play as you get more familiar with the obstacles.

Where Will It Land is an excellent math game that doesn't simply focus on numbers and equations like most online math games. Instead, you will learn about angles and how to use rulers and protractors to determine the path of an object. While it may seem this isn't a great game for younger kids, that simply isn't true. Teaching your kids about this aspect of math early in life prepares them better for when they will be learning it in school. Kids don't want to spend their time learning though. They want to have run. Teaching your child how to play this game is a great way to make sure they're being entertained and learning at the same time. Overall, this game is great for children of any age as well as parents.