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Treasurement Controls

Mouse to aim, left mouse button to select.

Treasurement Guide

Treasurement is a great online math game targeted at helping your child develop their basic math skills. You begin with basic addition and slowly work your way to more advanced operations. Although the first few levels are quite simple, the challenge gets more difficult as the game progresses. Children will love the challenge while you can enjoy knowing your kids are having fun strengthening their math skills.

Making math fun isn't an easy thing to do, but Treasurement definitely succeeds. In the game, you child embarks on a treasure hunt following a treasure map. To progress to the next 'X' on the map, which marks the next level, they need to complete the challenge put forth in the level they are playing. In the first level, the challenge is to click coins to form chains that equal ten. The coins fall from the top of the screen and disappear at the bottom, so the chain must be completed before the coin disappears. You are also working on a time limited, with a certain number of chains needing to be completed before time runs out.

Treasurement is a great looking game with fun graphics to keep your child entertained, which is, of course important. This is also something many other online math games don't offer; focusing instead on teaching. That is what makes Treasurement one of the better math games available. It balances education with entertainment and allows your child to have fun learning math. The only problem with this is that the game can lag a bit on slower computers which can make the game a bit harder to play. If you have trouble clicking the coins in time, try holding your mouse slightly below the coin and clicking. This takes care of the lagging problem.

OVerall, Treasurement is a great math game that will show your kids that math can actually be fun. Younger kids will learn about addition in the earlier levels while older kids will learn about quick thinking. The game also helps to develop motor skills and reflexes. It's a great game for parents and children to play together of for children to play on their own. This is one game you won't mind your children getting addicted to.