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The Maths Quiz

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Use the left mouse button to select and submit answers.

The Maths Quiz Guide

The Maths Quiz isn't so much a math game like most of the other math games on the market, but is rather a difficult math test that players can use to test and strengthen their math skills. The design of the game couldn't be simpler and the test is laid out in way that is both fun and easy to understand. All you have to do is read the question and click your answer - simple!

The questions that comprise The Maths Quiz can be relatively difficult if you don't know a lot beyond basic math, but you are given the answer if you get the question wrong. This is what makes the game the most educational. Read over the questions you get wrong and take time to look at the correct answer. The more times you do the test, the better you will understand how to arrive at the correct answer. When you're finished, you are given your score. Take the test again and try to get a better score. In time, you should have no problem getting 100.

The best way to get the most out of The Maths Quiz for your kids is to play up the math game aspect of it. Kids will be much more willing to keep trying to beat their high score if you treat it like a game instead of a quiz. The reason for that is simple - games are fun and quizzes aren't. Tell them what you got on your quiz and encourage them to beat that score. They'll want to play again and again.

The best thing about The Maths Quiz is that the focus is really on learning, but it doesn't lose the fun aspect that comes with other online math games. Your kids will have fun with it by trying to beat their score and taking note of the right and wrong answers will teach them more about math in the process. While it might seem like it's just a matter of memorizing what the right answer is, the truth is, even by memorizing which option to choose the next time through the quiz, they are in fact learning that information.

The Maths Quiz is really for kids of any age. While the questions are a bit difficult for younger kids, it's never too soon to give them the base knowledge they will need to build on when they start learning about this stuff in school. Getting them to play The Maths Quiz is a great way to teach them the basics and give them a head start on a subject many kids have a problem with.