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The Factory

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Use the mouse to move the paddle from left to right. Select the number on the paddle using the left and right arrow keys or using number keys 1-4. Pause the game using 'p'.

The Factory Guide

The Factory is one of the most unique and exciting math games online that will help you strengthen your math skills while also keeping you entertained from start to finish. It's definitely an addictive game that is going to have you glued to your computer playing game after game. It isn't easy and it will take a lot of quick thinking, good mouse skills and quick keyboard skills but the difficulty level is really what makes this game so much fun. It isn't easy to make math exciting to someone who either doesn't like math or isn't good at it, but this game succeeds on all levels. This is the type of game kids will enjoy playing but adults will enjoy playing as well. While you are using math - increasingly so later in the game - it never feels like a lesson. It's an entertaining and addictive game not just your traditional math game.

The goal of The Factory is to catch the falling gears with the paddle before they fall. If they fall you lose energy. If you run out of energy, your game is over. Pretty simple - or so it seems. What makes this game so hard is also what makes it so entertaining. Instead of simply catching the falling gears with the paddle, you need to change the number on the paddle in relation to the gear you're trying to catch. You must be able to divide the number on the gear by the number on the paddle and come up with an even number. Divide the number using the paddle until it reaches a sum of one and you can allow the gear to drop. If a gear drops before it reaches one, you'll lose energy. If you run out of energy entirely your game is over. You'll also lose energy if you catch a gear with your paddle that doesn't work with the number on your paddle. In other words, if you catch a '5' and your paddle shows a '3', you'll lose energy because 3 does not divide evenly into 5. In this example, you would want a '5' on your paddle as you can divide 5 by 5 to get 1 and then you'd be able to let the gear drop to collect the points.

The great thing about this particular math game is that it doesn't require tremendous math skills starting out. You can get through the first few levels of The Factory with basic division skills. As long as you know that the sum will be 1 when you divide any number by itself, you'll make it through the first bit of the game fairly well. You still need to have quick fingers on your keyboard to change the numbers on your paddle and decent mouse skills to actually catch the gears but the math itself in the start isn't all that complex. It never really goes beyond the skills the average person has in terms of math, but it does get trickier as the game progresses. The numbers on the gears get bigger meaning more involved equations are needed to reduce them for one. For example, you might get a '49' which you are able to divide by '7' which would leave you with a '7' on the gear. You can them divide the '7' by '7', get '1' and let the gear drop. You may, however, find yourself with a '15' which you'll need to divide by either '3' or '5'. Say you go with '3'. That leaves you with a '5' on the gear. You'll need to quickly switch the number on the paddle to '5' to divide the gear by itself and then allow it to drop. Things get progressively more difficult from there.

The only way to do well in The Factory is to pay attention to the gears and keep your fingers ready on either the number keys or the arrow keys so you're ready to change the number on the paddle to whatever it needs to be. Using the number keys to change your paddle's number is fine as long as you don't let yourself get confused. The number keys you're hitting don't directly correspond with the number you want for your paddle. Instead, the number keys match the position of the number. There are four numbers on your paddle and four number keys. For the number in the first position on the paddle, you'll be hitting the '1' number key. For the number in the second position on the paddle, you'll be hitting the '2' number key and so on. It's not hard to get confused but in a game this fast paced, you really don't have time for that. If you're having a hard time keeping things straight, switch up and use the arrow keys. A lot of players find this the much easier route to take.

Overall, The Factory is an exciting, engrossing and entirely addictive math game that will keep you coming back for more time and time again. It makes math fun and exciting thanks to the steadily increasing level of intensity the game offers. As the levels increase so too does the difficulty and that only makes the game more appealing. Like most math games, you strengthen your math skills as you play but unlike most math games, this one avoids feeling like a lesson. Instead it's just an awesome game that just happens to have additional educational benefits. If you're looking for a great math game either for yourself or for your children or just looking for a new game to keep you entertained, this is a game you must check out. You'll be glad you took the time to give it a shot.