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The Equator

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Click numbers using your left mouse button.

The Equator Guide

The Equator is an excellent online math game that allows you to sharpen your math skills while having fun at the same time. This is a great game for kids because it's colorful, addictive and entertaining, but also teaches them while they play so it offers great educational benefits. They won't mind playing this game that helps them learn math because, unlike many other online math games, it doesn't feel like a test or a quiz. Instead, the focus has been put on making the game fun without lowering the educational value.

In The Equator, your goal is to clear as many of the blocks as possible three at a time by using those three blocks to make math equations. You need to be able to add, subtract, multiply or divide the first two blocks you click together with the resulting sum being the number on the third block. You don't have to select the operation you choose. The game will determine what operation works and enter the sum, but you need to make sure the operation works in the order you click on it. For example; '5-3=2' would be a good equation to make but you have to be able to click the blocks in that order. Clicking '3-5=2' won't work.

Like most math games online that follow a similar format, in Equator you have to prevent the columns of blocks from reaching the top of the screen. If you aren't able to prevent the blocks from reaching the top, the game is over. This makes the game uniquely addictive and challenges you to make equations as quickly as possible. You can also play for a high score which will challenge you to do better each time you play. Kids will love the high score aspect of the game and will love trying to complete levels. Each level has a certain number of points you need to get before you can pass to the next level. The number of points you need to gather changes from level to level. The number of points you need as well as the number of points you have is displayed at the top left of the game screen.

The Equator offers bonuses for making equations within five seconds which helps you get a higher score and reach the end of levels faster. If you make one equation and then a second equation within five seconds you get two times your normal score. If you make another equation within five seconds you get three times the bonus score. This continues as long as you are making equations within five seconds of each other. There are also power ups throughout the game that can help make game play easier. The blue circle with the lightening bolt symbol on it changes the number on the blocks surrounding it. This is great to use if you're in a tough spot and can't find any moves with the blocks you were given. The bomb power up, which is pretty easy to spot as it looks like a bomb, will blow up several tiles surrounding it to help you clear blocks faster. It may also reduce the amount of moves you have, though, so be careful using them. These power ups are best used when you run out of other options, the blocks are nearing the top of the screen and you need to eliminate them in a hurry.

Overall, The Equator is an excellent online math game that will keep you and your children entertained. Play the game with them and encourage them to beat your high score or simply allow them to try to beat their own high score. They won't feel like they're learning, but they will be. As they improve their performance in the game, they are also improving their math skills. The game also encourages healthy competition and helps your children learn how to make equations quickly. Your children will have a lot of fun playing this game and will want to play again and again. The fact that they're having fun and learning at the same time is the biggest benefit.