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Summation9 Controls

Click numbers and operators to form equations to reach the target sum. Restart the game with 'r'. Quit the game and return to the main menu with 'q'. To return to the game after pausing press the left arrow key.

Summation9 Guide

Summation9 is an excellent, addictive online math game that sees you testing out a brand new calculator. It's a little complicated and it might take you a while to get the hang of it, but along the way you will learn about math, operators, positive and negative numbers and learn how to use logic to solve problem. This game might be a bit advanced for younger kids, but older kids will love the challenge; even if they're learning in the process.

The graphics in Summation9 are basic yet sleek and professional looking; more than enough to keep your kids' attention. That is something that is lacking in a lot of the more complex math games online that are designed for older kids. For that reason, it is one of the most playable games that has been designed to help strengthen math skills. That's what makes this game so appealing.

The basic premise of Summation9 is a lot of fun as well. Basically, you have 30 seconds to reach the target sum shown beside 'Goal' in the top left corner of the game screen. The amount of time you have remaining to complete the challenge is shown just above goal beside 'Time. The current sum of your equation is shown beside 'Sum', just below Goal. If you reach the target goal with time remaining, you are given three bonus points for each second left on the clock. The receipt on the left side of the game screen shows you the actions you have taken as well as how many wins and losses you have. There are fifty challenges in all; more than enough to keep your kids entertained.

The actual calculator in Summation9 presents you with nine circular keys which will be the nine number you will be using to reach your target sum. There will be both negative and positive numbers on those keys. There will also be bonus numbers. You will receive fifty bonus points for using the bonus numbers in your equation to reach the target sum. The bonus numbers will be surrounded by stars. On the right of the screen you have your operator symbols as well as the reset button which will clear everything you've done if you make a mistake and the menu button which will pause your game.

Overall, Summation9 is an excellent online math game your kids will love playing. To progress in the game, they will have to have a good handle on how to add, subtract, multiply and divide both positive and negative numbers. This is a great way to both help them build these skills and encourage them to build these skills. This is a game you definitely don't have to mind your kids getting hooked on!