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Sudoku 2

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Select squares, choose numbers and mark possible numbers using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Sudoku 2 Guide

If you're at all familiar with the game, Sudoku 2 is going to pose little problem for you in terms of understanding how the game is played. It's played exactly like most of the Sudoku games you're used to playing which is really what makes it so appealing. Many other math games that take on this particular type of game try to dress it up by adding all sorts of bells and whistles, changing the rules or making it completely different from the game you know and love. This one, on the other hand, goes the smart way with it and keeps everything simple. You have your Sudoku grid, your mouse as your pencil and two options - easy or hard. It doesn't get much more straightforward than that.

The real challenge of Sudoku 2 is going to be posed to new players who aren't familiar with how this particular kind of math game works. It's all about logic, reason and using those two things to solve the puzzles presented to you. The goal is to fill all of the squares using numbers the numbers 1-9. The rules are where things get a little complicated. Your grid is divided into nine boxes. Each box contains nine squares. You'll be putting the numbers in those squares. Each box must have the numbers one through nine although not necessarily in consecutive order. You also must have the numbers one through nine filling each row and column on the grid (from left to right and top to bottom). The catch? You can't have the same number in a single box twice and the same number cannot be repeated in any line or column. In other words, a number can not be repeated within a box, on a row or on a column. This is where things get complicated and it also what makes this game so much fun to play.

The only way to do well in Sudoku 2 is to think carefully about every move you make. You really need to pay attention to what you're doing. Start with a box and go through each number to try to determine where each number could fit into the box. Start with 1. If there is already a 1 on the box you're looking at, you know there won't be another so you can eliminate 1 and move on to 2. If there is no 1, look at the lines and columns that make up that box. See where the other 1s are. Eliminate any squares that fall on line or column that already has a one in it. Mark any remaining boxes with a 1 by clicking on the corner of the empty boxes. When you click on the corner, a smaller blue box will come up along with a list of numbers. Choose the '1'. You'll then see a small one in the corner of the box. This helps you remember that '1' will work in that box. Move on to the two and continue this process until you've gone through all the numbers. Once you've gone through all nine numbers, move on to the next box. As you fill in boxes, rows and columns, go back over the boxes you've marked and unmark any numbers that are eliminated. For example, say you've marked a box with a '1' but when working on another box, you find a '1' in another box. If that '1' is on a row or column that intercepts one of the box you marked you can unmark that box as a '1' won't work there anymore.

Sudoku 2 is a great game for math game fans who are just starting out with Sudoku and is also a great math game for more experienced Sudoku players. There are two choices in terms of difficulty level; easy and hard (choose by clicking the buttons at the top right side of the grid). I would definitely recommend easy puzzles for newcomers. 'Easy' starts you off with more numbers filled in so you have an idea of where your numbers should go. More experienced players probably won't find much of a challenge with easy but may get what they're looking for out of hard. It starts off with far less numbers filled making the puzzle quite a bit more difficult. If you're a skilled player looking for a challenge that will really put those skills to the test, this game likely isn't really going to offer what you're looking for as even hard is still a bit on the simple side for the player who really knows what they're doing but it's worth checking out all the same.

The biggest downfall of Sudoku 2 for newcomers to this type of math game is going to be the lack of a tutorial. The game really assumes you already know how to play. If you start out on easy and follow the basic strategy I've outlined above you should be able to get the hang of how the game is played. A tutorial would help make that learning process a little faster but it really doesn't hurt the game all that much. A big advantage the game offers for newcomers and experienced players alike is that it won't allow you to input a wrong answer in most cases. If you're trying to enter a number into a square and it's not letting you, there's a good chance there is already one of those numbers on a line or column intersecting the box you're trying to enter it in. If it seems there is no other answer, chances are fairly good you've made a mistake somewhere along the way. This is especially frustrating if you only have one or two numbers left to input to complete the puzzle. You can go back and try to find your mistake or you can click on easy or hard to start a whole new puzzle. I would suggest the latter. If you've reached a certain point in the game, figuring out where you screwed up can be nearly impossible.

Overall, Sudoku 2 is an excellent math game that offers a decent challenge to players up to a moderate skill levels. More advanced players can enjoy this one too but more as a way to kill a little time than as a way to really put their Sudoku skills to the test. Newcomers are probably going to struggle with this one from the start but with patience and practice will be able to improve. Everyone has a different strategy for playing Sudoku so the best way to really hit a good stride in this one is to take the basic strategy I've offered here and alter or expand it to suit your own style. Find what works for you. Regardless of how you choose to play or how well you do, this math game is a great way to kill some time. It is fairly addictive though so don't be surprised if you end up playing longer than you intended to.