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Solitaire-Bottle Caps

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Solitaire-Bottle Caps Controls

Click with the left mouse button to select and move bottle cap.

Solitaire-Bottle Caps Guide

With nine premade levels and one 'design your own' level, Solitaire-Bottle Caps is an excellent math game that will help you or your child strengthen you problem solving skills and learn how to use logic and strategy to reach a goal. The goal in each of the nine levels of this game is to remove all but one bottle cap on the game grid by 'jumping' over the other bottle caps. It's a classic game, provided here in vivid colors your kids will love.

The great thing about Solitaire - Bottle Caps is that it's fun and it's completely addictive. Unlike many other online games your kids might like to play, you don't have to worry that they're wasting their time with this one. As they play the game, they are learning more and more; making the fact that it's completely addictive a positive thing. Using logic for problem solving puzzles is a great way to help your kids prepare for problem solving equations in math class which is one of the key factors in determining IQ. Many other math games focus on building simple math skill which is definitely a great thing, but logic skills need to be developed as well.

The graphics in Solitaire - Bottle Caps are colorful and interesting so they will be appealing to kids of any age. Because the instructions of the game are so simple, even though actually completing the levels is difficult, kids of all ages will be able to play. Encourage your kids as they improve. The more you encourage them and make them feel good about doing better, the more they will want to play. Although the actual game is more than enough to keep them playing, it never hurts to give them a little extra encouragement.

Overall, Solitaire - Bottle Caps is a great way to encourage your kids to play games that will help them learn while they're having fun, help them develop their logic skills and show them that you're supportive and will provide them with encouragement when they do a good job. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hooked on the game as well, though. It's a great game and fun for anyone looking for a good challenge.