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Skater Math

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Skater Math Controls

Use the number keys (1-4) or the mouse to select the correct answer to the math problem to make your skater jump.

Skater Math Guide

Skater Math is an entertaining little math game that puts a fun spin on the typical format you get with most of the other math games online. While it's more traditional than some of the other more story based math games, it is unique enough to really set itself apart from the pack. In this game, your goal is pretty simple. Keep your skater from crashing. To do this, you'll need to make him (or her) jump over the obstacles in the street in front of him by answering math problems to make him jump. It sounds pretty easy but it can actually be fairly challenging. This is a great game to play with your kids who are struggling with math and want to improve their skills or even to play to strengthen your own math skills. It's fun so it never feels like an outright math lesson but rest assured, you are learning as you play.

When you begin in Skater Math, you are given the option of choosing the gender of your skater. Although the skaters aren't really all that difficult and perform the same way, allowing you to choose between two different skaters gives the game a higher level of personalization and makes it feel a little more individualized. From there, you get to choose what kind of equations you'd like to work with. This makes the game perfect for those struggling with one particular area of math. For example, if you have basic addition and subtraction skills but want to build on your multiplication or division skills, you can choose to play with those operations. The only real downfall of the game is that you can only choose one operation at a time. In reality though, that allows you to focus entirely on that one area of math and helps you learn in that area much more quickly. You can go back and choose a different operation once you're done with the first.

Skater Math is different from most of the other math games online because you don't actually have to input the answer with the number keys. Instead, you'll be hitting the number on your keyboard that corresponds with the correct answer to the problem or using your mouse to select the correct answer. This one little difference actually makes the game quite a bit more difficult if you choose to use your keyboard. Each equation you need to answer is shown at the bottom of the game screen as your skater is skating. Beside the equation, there will be four possible answers. You need to determine the correct answer and then select it to make your skater jump over the obstacle in its path. For example, say the equation is "2+2". The answer is obviously 4. Look at the options and see where "4" is. Hit the number key on your keyboard that corresponds with "4" which is not necessarily going to be the "4" number key. That's where the confusion comes in. Try to use the number keys anyway. It makes the game more challenging and therefore more fun to play.

The key to doing well in Skater Math is paying attention to not just finding the right answer to the equation but also timing your jumps well. You only have three skaters to make it through the game. Crash three times and your game is over. You obviously want to avoid that. As you progress in the game, things get even harder. The obstacles are closer together and harder to get over. You need to make sure you're paying attention to what's happening on the screen. Finding the right answer is obviously important but it won't do you much good if your timing is off. The game itself really isn't all that difficult or complicated to understand, but playing it well can be a bit more challenging. Regardless, if you're looking for a fun little math game that can help you improve your math skills and entertain you at the same time, check this one out.