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Quick Math

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Use the mouse and the left mouse button to select the correct symbol to complete the equation.

Quick Math Guide

Quick Math is an excellent little math game that will help you improve your math skills or that you can play with your child to help them improve their math skills. Simple and no frills, this math game doesn't get weighted down with a lot of extras and instead focuses on one important lesson - learning math can be fun. The graphics are simple yet enjoyable and the whole format of the game isn't the least bit complicated. This one is all about the equations and thinking fast to solve problems. The entire challenge of the game lies in trying to answer correctly as quickly as possible to get the best score you can get. It's amazing how something so simple can be so addictive.

The biggest benefit of Quick Math is that it makes learning math entertaining, even to those who aren't big fans of math or math games in the first place. It isn't easy to make math fun for those who struggle with it (like me, for example) but this game manages to do just that. There is an intensity in this game that isn't present in many of the other math games online and that intensity makes the game exciting. That intensity comes from attempting to choose the correct mathematical symbol to solve each of the twenty equations posed to you. You want to get as many of them right as possible but you also want to do it quickly so as to get a decent score. The faster you complete the twenty questions the better your score will be. You need to be careful though as each incorrect answer will cost you points from your score.

The key to doing well in Quick Math is paying attention and being cautious. While you want to be quick with your answers, you also don't want to lose points to a question you knew the answer to simply because you reacted too quickly. Pay attention to the actual equation first instead of looking at the answer as well. It is very easy to confuse yourself and answer addition instead of subtraction because you read the question wrong. Paying attention to those equations is vital to doing well in this game. The answer is of course important but focus on the equation first and then the answer to choose the right symbol. It's a little difference, but it will make a world of difference in how you perform in the game.

Overall, Quick Math is a surprisingly addictive and incredibly entertaining math game that will keep you coming back for more game after game. It doesn't take long to play one round but that only adds to the appeal. This is a game you can sit down and spend a minute or two playing or a game you can kill hours with. If you're trying to help your kids learn math, this is a great game to play with them. They'll be entertained and will learn that doing math can actually be fun. It's also a great little game you can play for a few minutes here and there to strengthen your own math skills. This one is a blast and offers far too much in the way of benefits to be overlooked.