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Number Eaters

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Number Eaters Controls

Move up using the up arrow key. Move down using the down arrow key. Move to the left using the left arrow key. Move to the right using the right arrow key. Eat using 'space'.

Number Eaters Guide

Number Eaters is one of the most unique, entertaining and absolutely adorable math games online. Perfect for kids or adults looking to indulge their more childlike side, this game helps the player strengthen their math skills in any area they feel they are weak in while also keeping them entertained. The graphics aren't really all that spectacular in terms of online games in general, but they're fairly well done for a straightforward math game. All in all, this is a pretty basic game but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. The first few levels are going to be easy for anyone with decent foundation math skills but later levels are a little more difficult. Even if you find it a bit on the easy side even in the more challenging levels, you'll still have a great time playing.

The basic premise of Number Eaters is pretty simple to understand. You are a little green monster guy and you like eating equations. You'll only eat equations with a specific sum though. This is where the math comes in. Your target sum is shown at the top right of the game screen. Below that you'll see your score, game instructions and finally, how many green guys you have remaining until your game is over. Your goal is to eat all of the equations that equal your target sum. If you eat an incorrect equation, you'll lose a life. Once you've eaten all the equations, you'll move on to the next level where you'll be given a new equation. It's not really that difficult at the start when you have small numbers to deal with but it can actually get pretty challenging later on when you have larger numbers. Aside from that, you have the monsters to contend with.

The monsters in Number Eaters actually make the game quite a bit more difficult and they also help to set it apart from most of the other math games online. You need to avoid the monsters while still collecting all of the equations. If you fail to avoid the monsters, you'll lose a life. It can be especially difficult to avoid the monsters when they hover around the equation you need to get. Luckily, you're able to move much more quickly than the monsters. If one is hovering around an equation you need, lead it to the other side of the puzzle and then circle back to get your equation. Just make sure in doing this, you don't leave yourself boxed in and unable to escape. Try to start moving back toward the equation when the monster you're trying to avoid is at least two squares away and you should have more than enough time.

One of the best things about Number Eaters is that it gives you the option of choosing what kind of operation you want to work with. You have the four basic mathematical operations you use in most math games - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - but you also get the chance to use fractions. For many folks, fractions are the weakest area in their math skill set as the average person doesn't really use them on a day to day basis. By giving you the option of playing with fractions this math game is giving you the chance to either help your kids improve their skills with fractions or offering you the chance to improve your own. If you want to get the most out of this game, try playing with each different operation. This gives you a good well rounded mathematical exercise that's actually fun to do.

Overall, Number Eaters is the kind of game that sets out to make math fun and it's successful in doing that. Even those that aren't great with math are going to have a good time playing. It doesn't feel like you're sitting through a math lesson as you play. For that reason, even those players who aren't typically fans of math games will have a good time playing this one. This math game also offers you a great opportunity to do something educational and fun with your kids. You can play for yourself and then challenge them to get further in the game than you did. This gives them not only a chance to have fun with you and maybe even best you at something but it also helps show them that education can also be entertaining. This is definitely a game any fan of the genre should check out. It's simply too much fun to pass up.