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More Math Blox

Game Plays

More Math Blox Controls

Move right with the right arrow key. Move left with the left arrow key. Move up with the up arrow key. Move down with the down arrow key.

More Math Blox Guide

More Math Blox begins with a simple concept, and not one that isn't familiar to those familiar with online math games. You are give two columns - one on the right side of the game screen and one on the left - and one purple block with a face in the center. The purple block with a face is your game icon. The column on the left side of the screen offers three equations. The column on the right side of the screen offers answers. Your goal is to match the equations with the answers by bumping into them with your game icon. It sounds pretty easy, but as you advance in the game, the equations get much more difficult and finding the right answer can be a challenge. If you fail to find the right answer, you will lose the level and move on to the next. If you run out of time for a level, you will also lose the level and move on to the next. It isn't an easy game, but it is a lot of fun.

The great thing about More Math Blox is that it isn't as complicated as many of the other math games online that you have to choose from. The controls are easy to use and easy to understand. The graphics are basic but not drab or boring. The equations are difficult but they aren't so complex your child won't enjoy playing. When you combine the fun graphics and bright colors of the game itself with the challenge of the game, the result is a fun and addictive game that teaches your child while entertaining them.

Many of the other online math games available stick to simple equations you need to answer in rapid succession while More Math Blox gives you a little more time and easier controls but more complicated equations. Kids will learn more about addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, whole numbers and numbers with decimal points. This game goes above and beyond the simple, basic math equations and seeks to teach your children more. While many kids will find that they can't do the math quickly enough to determine the right answer, they will learn other ways to determine the best choice. They will have to learn to look at the equations, look at the answers and make an educated guess as to which one is right. This is a great way to help your kids develop logic and problem solving skills that isn't offered with many other math games.

Overall, More Math Blox may be a bit difficult for younger children or those that have trouble with basic math skills. For older children or children that have a good base knowledge of math, this game provides an excellent opportunity to help your child develop more advanced math skills and learn how to solve tough equations with educated guesses.