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Monkey Math Balance

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Monkey Math Balance Controls

Click the number coconut with the left mouse button and drag it onto the scale using your mouse.

Monkey Math Balance Guide

Monkey Math Balance is an excellent online math game targeted at younger kids but perfect for older kids who need to strengthen their math skills. Parents will even enjoy playing thanks to the challenging equations and fun graphics. This is a great game to play as a family, allowing you the opportunity to try to beat each other's high scores or help each other meet the challenges presented in each level. Although the game starts off relatively easily, it gets increasingly more difficult with each level as you attempt to balance the scales using your math and logic skills.

In Monkey Math Balance the goal is to use different numbered coconuts to balance the scales the monkey is sitting on. To balance the scares, you need to add the numbers together, so the sums of the coconuts on both sides of the scale are equal. In the beginning, you have four coconuts. Two of the coconuts will go on one side of the scale and two of the coconuts will go on the other. You will need to make sure the coconuts on both sides add up to the same number or you will have to reset the scales and start again. While that may not seem like such a big problem, you are on a time limit, so the more mistakes you make, the less time you have to complete the game. The clock does not reset at the end of each round, so try to complete the levels as quickly as you can so you will have time left for the next rounds.

After you successfully complete two rounds in a row in Monkey Math Balance, you will be rewarded with the chance to choose a prize. The prize can be a hint, a higher bonus, a time bonus, and a bomb bonus; each of which you can use once per reward at any time during the game. These prizes can be extremely helpful as the game gets harder. Each level has ten rounds. When you complete a level, there are two more coconuts added. Your time is reset but you get to keep the prizes you won during the level. As you get through levels, you are going to find the game gets much more difficult. You'll definitely appreciate having those bonuses then.

Overall, Monkey Math Balance is one of the most addictive, engrossing math games online. Your kids will love playing it and you'll love how it teaches your kids how to do quick math in their heads. They might struggle with the game at first, but as they play the game, they will sharpen their math skills and get much better.