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Melius Math

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Melius Math is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a number to select it or click and drag vertically or horizontally over multiple numbers to select them all.

Melius Math Guide

Melius Math is a fast-paced math game focusing on addition. Melius Math features simple, but beautiful graphics, minimal sound effects, and gameplay and controls that are easy to learn.

The objective of Melius Math is to earn as many points as possible before time runs out. In order to accomplish this goal, you must select numbers that add up to the target sum at the right of the screen. Making the right selection scores points and increases the amount of time left to play the game. Incorrect answers, on the other hand, result in a time penalty. The faster that you make the sums, the more bonus points you will earn in this math game. When time runs out, the game is over.

Melius Math is controlled by using the mouse. Click on numbers to select them individually, or click and drag to select multiple numbers and add them all up. You can drag horizontally or vertically, but you cannot drag diagonally. Selecting single numbers is quick and easy, but you will be rewarded more points for selecting more numbers.

Melius Math is a great game for students in primary school since it focuses on addition. This math game does not teach addition, but it is a great tool to use for addition practice. The easy and medium difficulty levels deal with multiples of five which should be easy for young students. The hard difficulty level deals with integers other than multiples of five. The difficulty is not due to the mathematics, but rather carefully searching through the numbers for adjacent tiles that will add up to the target sum. This element of the math game makes it great for practicing quick mental math as well as developing problem-solving abilities.

Melius Math is a fun math game that is great for grade school children. Older gamers may also enjoy this mathematics game, but it is advisable for them to play on the hard difficulty level since the easy and medium difficulty levels are geared more towards children.