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Meal Or No Meal

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Use the left mouse button to select trays and accept or reject the chef's offer.

Meal Or No Meal Guide

Meal Or No Meal is a fun play on "Deal or No Deal" with food in place of money. While it may not fit in with the typical definition of math games, there are mathematical elements to it which gives it a fun and interesting take. You really need to employ a good strategy if you want to make the smartest decision and be rewarded with delicious looking dishes as opposed to some of the less appetizing items on the menu. As a warning, you're not going to want to play this game on an empty stomach because this one is definitely going to make you hungry.

The basic premise of Meal Or No Meal is pretty easy to understand if you're at all familiar with the game it's based on. Basically, you are presented with covered trays of food and you need to select one as your tray. You don't know what's under the cover and you won't find out until the end of the game. From there, you will select a certain number of trays to remove from the screen (the number you need to remove is shown at the bottom of the game screen). Each time you remove a tray, the cover is listed and the dish is revealed. You can either continue doing this until the final round when you win whatever is on your tray or until you choose to take the deal the chef offers at the end of each round.

The chef's deal is really where Meal Or No Meal becomes a math game. You have to look at the odds and decide whether or not it's a smart idea to take the deal you're offered. Sometimes it's not a great offer but if the odds tell you there's a good chance you're going to come out with a worse deal, you should take the chef's offer. Look at the prizes remaining on the screen. If all of the good prizes are gone and you're left with only the lower value prizes, it may not be a bad idea to take what the chef offers you. You don't want to go home hungry, after all. If all of the lower value prizes are gone and the chef is only offering you something mediocre, turn down his deal and take your chances. If there's a mix of lower and higher valued prizes, it's your call. Remember, you won't know what's on your tray until the very end of the game. If it's worth the risk, than go for it!

Overall, Meal Or No Meal is pretty entertaining game that's great to kill a little time with. It may not be a math game in the traditional sense but it will give your logic and deduction skills a fair workout. There is a huge amount of luck involved with this one but using your head can definitely help you end the game with a good meal. You may not come back to this game over and over again, but it is fun to pass the time with.