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Maths Workout

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Maths Workout Controls

Use the number keys on your keyboard to enter the answer to the equation. Hit 'enter' to submit your answer.

Maths Workout Guide

Maths Workout is a fun, addictive online math game in which your goal is to answer as many equations as you can in sixty seconds. The equations are may involve addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and sometimes will result in a negative number. This game is an excellent way to make math fun for your kids and can be used as a tool to help them build their math skills.

Maths Workout is so beneficial because it covers all of the basic math operations without focusing on a specific operation and uses all of the operations side by side instead of in different sections of the game. This teaches your children that they need to read the question to find out is what is being asked of them which is something many other math games won't teach them. Learning this important lesson will help them immeasurably in school as most tests won't have the questions divided into separate sections by operation. In some word problems, students are asked to add and subtract, multiple and divide or all of the above in one problem so being able to read the question and watch for symbols is important.

The best thing about Maths Workout is that is actually fun to play. Your children are much more likely to stick to the game if they're having a good time playing it. Because you are able to track your high score and compare high scores with other players, your kids will be able to see how they are progressing and strive to better themselves. This is also great because most kids are competitive by nature, and giving them a way to learn, compete and have fun at the same time, provides a well rounded experience you can feel good about them participating in.

Overall, Maths Workout is one of the best online math games of its kind; providing a healthy challenge and a good game for anyone who wants to play it. Some of the equations might be a little difficult for younger kids, but with time and effort, they will see that they can improve.