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mathman2 Controls

Move left using 'a' or left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or up arrow key. Move down using 's' or down arrow key. Freeze time using 'space'.

mathman2 Guide

Mathman2 is one of the best online math games in terms of graphics and fun but also in terms of educational value. As you navigate through the game, you encounter all manner of enemies that you need to take out in order to successfully complete each level. You will see an equation on each enemy and a variety of possible answers either below or surrounding that enemy. To take out the enemy, you need to fly Mathman into the correct answer for the equation on the enemy. If you fly into the incorrect answer, you lose part of your life. When you run out of life your game is over. That isn't always easy to do; especially as you progress in the game and reach higher levels.

Mathman2 offers a variety of options for game difficulty that does beyond what typical math games offer. You have the choice of 'Slow', 'Fast', or 'Insane' in terms of how quickly enemies approach which is basically the equivalent of the standard 'Easy', 'Medium' and 'Hard' difficulty settings in other games. If you choose 'Fast', your final score will be doubled. If you choose 'Insane' your final score is tripled. Mathman, however, adds a second set of settings which allows you to further customize the game to suit your skill level. You have the option of choosing the maximum sum of the equations (either 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100) so you have a general idea of what to expect during the game. The maximum sum you choose is also the score you get for each hit. Choosing a higher maximum sum will give you a much higher score overall if you do well in the game. On the other hand, choosing a maximum sum that is beyond your skill set won't offer much benefit as you likely won't get terribly far in the game to begin with.

The great thing about Mathman2 is that if you get to a point in the game after you've made three hits in a row you are able to freeze the screen. This gives you a chance to catch up and a chance to catch your breath. This is something most other math games online don't offer. In addition, Mathman2 uses all of the basic math operations and includes negative sums. This is another thing that sets it apart from the competition. While many other math games focus only on positive numbers, this game allows your kids the chance to get used to solving equations where there will be a negative sum.

Overall, Mathman2 is an excellent online math game that you can use to help your children learn math. The game is a lot of fun and the graphics are bright, colorful and entertaining so they will actually enjoy playing the game. Playing this game doesn't feel like you're taking a math lesson. Instead you feel like you're playing a fun game - it just so happens, you're learning at the same time.