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Mathix - Successions

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Use the number keys on your keyboard to enter your answer. Submit your answer using 'space' or 'enter'.

Mathix - Successions Guide

Mathix - Successions is an excellent online math game that makes learning math fun. The equations may be a bit complex for younger kids, but older kids should be able to pick up the patterns with a little examination. There is no time limit, but you must get at least two out of three answers right to proceed to the next level. While there are only five levels, the equations are challenging enough that the game will keep your kids playing even after they've beaten the game. The fact that you can play for a high score makes the game even more addictive. Challenge your kids to beat your high score or watch as they try to beat their own high score. This is a great way for them to track their progress and will show them how good it feels to improve.

Mathix - Successions is a great math game because you actually do learn quite a bit about math by playing. You aren't given the answers and have to learn how to look for patterns. This helps your kids identify patterns among groups of numbers so they can use logic to identify the missing number. By building these skills, your child will have a much easier time solving word and picture problems when they are presented with them in school, giving them a head start on their education without making it feel like they're spending their time studying.

The graphics in Mathix - Successions are very basic and simple, but not boring or dull. Kids won't feel bored, but if your child is used to playing flashy games with a lot of bright colors, they might be less entertained by this one. The great thing about this game, however, is that the challenge of the game is almost always more than enough to keep kids playing. Even avid gamers will love striving to beat their high score and get through the game which means they will need to figure out the best way to solve the equations.

Overall, Mathix - Successions is a great game to introduce your kids to. They will have fun while they are learning and will love seeing how much they can improve. Without relying on the flashy imagry other online math games use to hold a child's attention, Mathix relies on the game itself; presenting a good challenge for any child open to accepting it.