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Math Test

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Enter your answer to the equation using the number keys on your keyboard. Submit your answers using the enter key.

Math Test Guide

Offering tests for every math operation and a final test combining them all, Math Test is a great online math game that will help your children develop their math skills while having fun. In this game you are given one minute to complete as many math problems as you can. You get points for every correct answer you give. The challenge is to answer as many questions correctly as you can before time runs out. Unlike many other online math games, you aren't penalized for giving wrong answers which can help your kids feel less discouraged while playing.

The graphics in Math Test are basic and simple, something which it shares in common with many of the other math games online. Even so, the game doesn't look dull and bland so your children likely won't find it boring or tedious to play. The focus of this game is on the math which is where it should be. This allows the game to remain fun while still being a valuable teaching tool. Whether your children are just starting to learn math and need a little encouragement or already know math but have difficulty with a specific operation, this game can be a great asset.

Math Test allows your child to play for a high score in five separate categories; one for each of the most common operations in math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and a final test that combines all of the operations into one test. If you child is having trouble with a specific area of math, they can focus on that area. It will make the game more challenging (and therefore, more fun!) and will help them get a better understanding of that operation. If you want to help your child strengthen their overall math skills, have them try the final test. In the final test, they'll be given a variety of equations alternating between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Aside from helping your child with the actual operations, this also helps your child learn the importance of paying attention to what is being asked of them in the equation.

Overall, Math Test is one of the best online math games your child can play if they want to have fun and improve their math skills. If your child is not yet old enough to study math in school, you can even have them play the addition levels to give them a head start on what they will learn once math classes begin. They might not be able to pick up the operations as quickly as you might like, but it will help them associate math with something fun which can make getting them to do their homework a bit easier.