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Math Solitaire

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Math Solitaire Controls

Select card by clicking it with the left mouse button. Choose the operation by clicking on the symbol with the left mouse button.

Math Solitaire Guide

Math Solitaire is an imaginative and challenging game that combines card games, puzzle games and math games into one addictive game. The goal is fairly simple. You are given five cards at the top of the game screen. The first four cards are the cards you will be using to play the game. The fifth card is the target card. The goal here is to add, subtract, multiple and divide the first four cards from one another so the sum equals the target card. Each of the first four cards can only be used once but if you don't get the right answer, you can undo it simply by clicking where you made the mistake. Let's say you should have multiplied two cards and should have added them instead. Just click on the multiplication symbol connecting the two cards and choose the addition symbol instead. The rules are fairly simple although they sound a bit complicated. Once you play the game for a while you'll get used to how everything works so you can understand how to play the game a bit easier.

Math Solitaire progresses slowly unlike many other online math games that require you to think fast and enter the solutions to equations at a rapid pace. Instead, this game requires you to think about your moves carefully and examine the best way to go about achieving your goal. For that reason, it is a very beneficial game for your children to play. It helps them familiarize themselves with the basic math operations and how to use them but it also requires them to use logic and problem solving skills. These are two very important things in math so helping your child strengthen those skills helps them perform better in math overall.

The great thing about Math Solitaire is that it doesn't feel like an educational game while you're playing. This is one of the biggest benefits this game offers over most of the other math games online. Instead of feeling like they're studying, your kids will instead feel like they're playing a fun, exciting and interesting game. The benefit here is obvious. As your children's math skills improve, they'll improve in the game as well. This shows them that it is possible to learn and have fun at the same time which is a great lesson to teach your children in and of itself.