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Select numbers to answer equations by clicking the number with the left mouse button.

Math Shooter Guide

Math Shooter is a fun, intense online math game that your kids will love playing while learning more about math at the same time. It isn't always easy to get kids to play educational game, but when the game is this much fun, it's no problem at all. The graphics are cute although a little basic, but in terms of online math games, this one is better than most when talking about graphics. The game starts off fairly easy; only requiring the player to answer basic addition questions, but it gets much more difficult as the game progresses. It is never impossible to beat a level, however, and the addition of bonuses in the form of clickable shells helps keep the player from getting too frustrated when they have trouble with a particular equation.

With Math Shooter, answering questions carefully and being sure of the answer is important if you want to get a high score. Like other online math games, incorrect answers deduct points from your score. Make enough wrong answers and your score suffers badly. The great thing about this game is that you are given hints. Clicking pink shells marked with a star will highlight the correct answer. You will then need to click on the correct answer to submit it. This is where this game varies from other math games. You can see what the right answer to the equation is which helps you learn what the right answer is. This is great for kids who need to strengthen their math skills or for kids who are just learning math.

The bonus shells can be a great advantage in Math Shooter, but make sure you know what you're clicking on before you click it. Red flashing shells may look like they'd be helpful, but they aren't. Make sure you avoid clicking on those shells. They scramble the numbers around them and make it harder to find the right answer. The blue shell with flashing rings, however, is a great bonus. It gives you more time to complete the equation which is great if you're having trouble with one particular problem. Light blue shells are freezer shells. They hold all of the shells in place and make it easier to find the right answer.

Overall, Math Shooter is a great way to help your kids learn how to do math and how to calculate equations in their head quickly. You only have a limited amount of time to answer each question, so there is no time to count on fingers or use a calculator. Remember, and this is important, it is very hard to tell the difference between sixes and nines. Sixes are brown and nines are green. As for the game itself, your child will improve the more they play which means their math skills are also improving. This is an addictive math game that will show them that learning can be fun after all.