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Math Scramble

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Math Scramble Controls

Click on numbers in the equation and drag them to the correct spot in the equation.

Math Scramble Guide

Math Scramble in an entertaining and addictive online math game in which your goal is to arrange the numbers in the equation you are given so that the equation is correct. For example, if you are given '5+6=1', you would click the '1' and drag it over the '6'. The '1' and the '6' would then trade places, the equation would be correct and you would be given another equation. It's a pretty basic game, but actually getting a high score can be quite difficult.

Math Scramble is one of the best math games online because it never quite feels like a math game. Instead, it is a fun, entertaining and addictive game that keeps you playing. The fact that you are using your math skills to advance and learning in the process is really beside the point. That's what makes this game ideal for kids. Most kids, although there are exceptions, don't want to spend their time doing educational things so the challenge for parents becomes trying to find a way to make education fun. This game definitely accomplishes that goal.

Math Scramble gives you three levels of difficulty to choose from as most online math games do, but the difference here is that all three difficult settings are fairly challenging. If you child is just learning math, you will want to stick to the 'Easy' setting for a while until they get better. As they improve, encourage them to try to harder settings. 'Easy' basically focuses on addition while 'Normal' and 'Hard' infuse all of the other operations. Older kids will love the challenge 'Hard' presents them and will have fun trying to put the equations in the right order. While 'Easy' is a great way to help your children build their addition skills making it great for kids who have trouble with that area of math or who are just learning the subject, 'Normal' and 'Hard' are great for building and improving overall math skills.

Probably the best thing about Math Scramble and an important way it differs from most online math games is that you don't lose points for wrong answers. Instead you are given the chance to continue working on the equation to get it right. This teaches your children how to assess a math problem and figure out what is wrong and make the appropriate corrections. This is something they often won't even get in school when a problem will simply be marked as wrong. This teaches you children that they need to think carefully about a math problem and approach it understanding what needs to be asked of them. They also learn how to do math quickly without using their fingers to count as the time passes fairly quickly and once it runs out your game is over.

Overall, Math Scramble is an excellent online math game that you can feel good about your kids playing and that your kids will actually enjoy playing. It isn't an easy game, but your kids will love trying for a high score and challenging themselves to improve. It's also a very addictive game, but not one you have to worry about your kids wasting their time with.