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Select the correct answer to the equation from the choices provided by click the answer with the left mouse button. Use available power ups by clicking the power up with the left mouse button.

math mountain Guide

Math Mountain is an addictive online math game that will teach your child math and help them sharpen their math skills while also entertaining them. The graphics in this game are much better than the graphics in many other online math games; offering bright colors and fun characters your kids will love. If your computer is a bit slow or can't handle a graphics intensive game, you can lower the quality of the graphics by choosing 'Settings' from the game's main menu so it plays more smoothly. If you notice the game is lagging a lot while you're playing, go back to the main menu when you're done and lower the quality. You'll see a big improvement.

Math Mountain is a great way to show your kids that doing math can be fun. The rules are simple and so is the premise. Your goal is to make it to the top of the mountain before your opponent by answering the math equations that are presented to you. For each equation, you will be given four possible answers. Click on the right answer and you'll move up the mountain. The number of spaces you move up the mountain depends on how hard the equation was. You move one space for easy questions, two spaces for medium questions and three spaces for hard questions. If you choose the wrong answer, you will move back however many spaces you would've moved forward. You also earn IQ points for every correct answer you get. Incorrect answers will also subtract from your IQ score. How many IQ points you lose or gain for each question also depends on the difficulty of the question. To make the game a bit less challenging, however, you are also given bonuses throughout the game that you can use to help you move up the mountain faster.

The "50/50" power up reduces the possible answers to two to make the choice easier. The "2x" power up (which looks like a little man running) multiplies the spaces you will move by two. If you answer the question correctly, you move forward twice as far. If you answer incorrectly, you move back twice as far. The "Stop" power up stops your opponent from progressing up his or her side of the mountain for ten seconds. The "Slow" power up (which looks like a little man straining) slows your opponent's progress for ten seconds. The 'Second Chance" power up (which looks like two dialogue bubbles) gives you the chance to answer a second question without you first having to move back if you answer a question incorrectly. Once you have these power ups you can use them (once for each power up you find) at any time throughout the game.

Math Mountain also gives you three levels of difficulty to choose from as you play as many other math games on line do. The choices here, however, are a bit more intense. 'Normal' is actually fairly difficult while 'Hard' and 'Insane' are even more challenging. As you progress, though, regardless of the level of difficulty you choose, the game does get more challenging. Each time you begin a new level, you have another potential answer to choose from. You will be required to use math to determine what the correct answer is as guessing gets much more difficult.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the game is that your child can choose to play against the computer or play against a friend. Play the game with your kids or, if you have more than one child, encourage them to play together. They'll have a great time playing against someone to see who can get to the top of the mountain first. You only get bonuses when playing against the computer, but they'll still have a great time playing.

Overall, Math Mountain is without question one of the best math games your child can play online. It helps them hone their math skills in each basic math operation (it's worth noting division equations are shown with the '/' symbol instead of the division sign), helps them learn to calculate equations quickly without using their fingers or a calculator and also helps encourage healthy competition. This is definitely a game you won't mind your kids spending their time playing.