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Math Lines

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Aim with the mouse. Fire with the left mouse button.

Math Lines Guide

Math Lines is a fun, engrossing and addictive online math game that catches your attention from the very beginning and doesn't let go. It is different from most other online math games in that you aren't simply given equations to solve but are instead presented with a fun and interesting game. The premise is simple. There is a line of numbered balls (or two lines in later levels) and there is a hole (or two holes in later levels). You need to stop the numbered balls from reaching the holes. You are armed with numbered balls of your own which you will need to shoot into the line to destroy as many of the balls as you can. It sounds easy, but there's a twist. You have to shoot the balls into position in the line so that when the number of your ball is added to the number on either the ball on the right or the left of your ball the sum is ten. For example, if the ball you are given is a six, you will need to shoot it so it lands next to a four. In the beginning, it's fairly easy. As you eliminate balls, however, finding a place to put the ball you are armed with can be a bit tricky.

Math Lines is a great math game you can use to teach your kids how to quickly add numbers in their heads. Since it is a fast paced game, there is no time to count on fingers so they will need to learn how to quickly get the sum they need. As they play they will get faster and faster. This will help them not only in school but in life as well. How often do you see full grown adults using their fingers for simple addition? If you're one of those adults, it might not be a bad idea for you to spend a little time playing this game as well.

The truly great thing about Math Lines is that is never feels like you're learning. Instead, you have fun playing the game and the math equations are merely secondary. As you progress and the game gets more and more difficult, you'll find you're not even thinking about the addition anymore but rather just knowing where the balls should go. Isn't it fun to learn?

Math Lines is, without question, one of the best online math games out there. Your kids will love it and you'll love it to. While many other math games feel like studying or can be boring and tedious, the creators of this game have put the focus on fun. You'll be surprised how much your kids actually learn from the game. They'll not only be strengthening their addition skills, but will also be working to develop their logic skills and their problem solving skills. This is a great game all around and you'll be glad you introduced your children to it.