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Math Find

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Math Find Controls

Math Find is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag on the center of a number to start your selection. Drag to continue selecting numbers and mathematical symbols. Release the mouse button to complete your selection

Math Find Guide

Math Find is a math game that is similar to a word search. This mathematics game features a unique concept, simple controls, and three difficulty levels.

The objective of Math Find is to find formulas that will equate to the numbers given to the right of the screen. Formulas can be made horizontally or diagonally similar to a word search. The difference between this math game and a word search, however, is that there are often multiple ways to make each number. It should also be noted that vertical formulas cannot be found since columns either contain all numbers or all arithmetic operators.

Math Find features thirty-six puzzles broken into three difficulty levels. There are twelve puzzles in each difficulty level. Starting on the easy difficulty level will put players on the first level, starting on the medium difficulty level will put players on the thirteenth level, and starting on the hard difficulty level places players on level twenty-five. The higher the difficulty level, the more numbers players must find and the larger the playing boards will be.

Math Find is an excellent tool for grade-school children learning arithmetic. Since the puzzles in this math game use all four operations of arithmetic, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it is great for children between the ages of seven and ten. Younger kids may still enjoy it to get a head-start and it is a great tool for older students to review the basics.

Math Find is also a great tool for teaching students that there are often multiple solutions to mathematical problems. Older students may find the mathematical aspect of this math game easy, but searching for different ways to make the numbers is still good mental exercise, even for adults!

Math Find is a simple and fun mathematics game that is great for elementary school kids. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, Math Find is a winner for helping your kids practice arithmetic and problem-solving!