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Math Challenge

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Use your mouse to choose your answer. Submit your answer by clicking it with the left mouse button.

Math Challenge Guide

Math Challenge is one of the best 'test format' math games online. There are four parts to this game and to get a high score, you need to understand what is being asked of you in each part. The great thing about this math game is that every part focuses on a different area of math and each one will help your strengthen a different area of their math skills. The best part is, the graphics are colorful, the game is fun and the attempts to get a high score will keep them playing all while they're learning about math. You have only a limited amount of time to complete as many questions as possible in each part, so your kids will need to learn how to quickly solve the puzzles if they want to get a high score. Once you run out of time for a part of the game, you move on to the next part.

Part one of Math Challenge is 'The Block Game'. In this part, your kids will learn how to make educated guesses to determine the correct answer. You are shown two circles. In each circle you have a group of rectangles, circles, stars, flowers and things of that nature and you must determine which circle contains the most of the item. You don't have time to count, so you will have to estimate. As you play, or as your children play, they will learn how to look at each group and figure out which group as more without counting.

Part two of Math Challenge is 'I Love 10'. This part helps your kids do math equations. The goal is simple; choose which equation has the sum of ten. As the level progresses, the equations get more complex so your kids will have to learn the best way to determine the most likely answer even if they don't have time to complete the equation. All of the different math operations are included and some of the equations are even spelled out in words. This gives your kids a chance to see what they will likely face with word problems in school which is something few online math games offer.

Part three of Math Challenge is 'The Missing Number'. In this part your child will have to identify the pattern of the numbers to determine that number is missing from the pattern. They are given a list of potential answers and simply have to click on which number is missing. This helps your kids use logic and to find the best possible answer which helps them strengthen their logic and problem solving skills.

Part four of Math Challenge is 'The Path'. This is a great game that helps your child focus and follow directions. You are given a series of blocks laid out in a grid, one of which is missing and has been replaced by the word start. You will See arrows either beside or above the grid. From the word start, follow the arrows and click on the block you end on. For example. If the first arrow on the list is an up arrow, begin your path up one square from the word start. If the next arrow points left, move left and continue following the arrows until all of the arrows have been used. Click on the block the last arrow is pointing to. Only click on the last block, thought. You need to follow the path with your eyes only and only click on the final block to submit your answer. This helps your child with focus, which is another thing many online math games don't help with.

Overall, Math Challenge is an excellent math game your kids will have fun playing that helps your child strengthen just about every aspect of their math skills. It offers far more than the average math game and is also a game your kids will love.