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Math Attack! Challenge

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Math Attack! Challenge Controls

Math Attack! Challenge is controlled by using the mouse. Click on numbers and arithmetic operators to add them to the equation in the order that they are clicked.

Math Attack! Challenge Guide

Math Attack! Challenge is a simple math game that is great for elementary school students. This mathematics game features easy controls, simple graphics that will not be too distracting to young minds, and gameplay that focuses on integer arithmetic.

The objective of Math Attack! Challenge is to clear all of the pieces from each level before time runs out. To clear pieces, click on one number, click on an arithmetic operator, click on a second number, then click on a final number that equates to the result of the arithmetic operation. When enough pieces have been cleared, the "Next Level" button will activate. Click the button to advance to the next stage of this math game. If you fail to clear enough pieces from the board before time is up, then the game will end.

Math Attack! Challenge deals with simple integer arithmetic, so it is great for primary school children. The initial levels deal with addition and subtraction, but as you progress multiplication and division will be included as well. If you are a parent or educator, it is inadvisable to use this math game as a tool to actually teach arithmetic since it may be difficult to complete for a student that is just learning arithmetic operations, but it can be used as a tool of practice.

Math Attack! Challenge is also an excellent game for teaching problem-solving abilities. Players will have to use the pieces available to them in order to make equations. This math game does not dictate the equations that must be used, s players will be able to exercise their creativity. Finally, players will have to plan ahead so that they will be able to clear enough pieces. Making any correct equations earns points, but playing without planning ahead may leave pieces that cannot be cleared, which will result in loss of the game.

Math Attack! Challenge is a simple, yet challenging math game that is great for players of all ages. Younger gamers can practice their arithmetic while older gamers can exercise their cognitive abilities!