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Mad Numbers

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Choose numbers by clicking with the left mouse button.

Mad Numbers Guide

Mad Numbers is a difficult online math game in which you are pitted against the computer in a battle of wits and logic that isn't easy to win. Your objective is to score higher than the computer and arrange your moves so that your computer opponent has not choice but to make a move that will cost them points. It isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but that's what makes it so much fun. This addictive little game will have you playing game after game as you try your hardest to come out on top. It may take a little time and patience along with a lot of careful thinking, but you can beat the computer an emerge victorious.

Mad Numbers combines the intense, brain busting game play of the best puzzle games with the desirable educational properties of the best math games, even if the mathematical aspects of the game aren't immediately apparent. One of the most important things in mathematics is logic and careful thought. You need to have both of those things to sold word problems or difficult equations and this game helps build both of those qualities. That's what makes this game so great for kids. The game itself is a blast so your kids will actually want to play it and you'll want to play it with them.

The reason Mad Numbers is so addictive is simple - you have to think about everything you do. It's challenging. While many other online math games simply require you to input numbers and hit enter - which is of course beneficial if your child needs help learning the basic operations of math and which can also be quite fun - Mad Numbers challenges you to think beyond the numbers and plan your best course of action. The best way to beat the computer is to look ahead of your own move. Try to figure out what move the computer will make and where that will leave you for your turn. The most obvious answer isn't always the best one. While you are trying to leave the computer with nothing for decent moves, it is trying to do the same with you. Don't simply go for the biggest number you can get. Instead, look for the number that will leave the computer with the smallest number. Sometimes this will mean clicking on one of the darker blocks and losing some points, but balance it out. If you lose two points but you will be leaving the computer with no options aside from losing three or more, then it's a pretty good trade off.

Overall, Mad Numbers is the kind of math game every parent should play with their child. There are plenty of math games online that focus on teaching your kids the basics. This one goes beyond that.