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Lucky Click

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Lucky Click Controls

Click with the left mouse button to guess the number.

Lucky Click Guide

Lucky Click is more than just a game of chance despite the name and how it may seem when you begin playing. If you choose carefully and use your logic skills, you will find this is, instead of a game of luck, a great math game in which finding a strategy that works and sticking with that strategy is important. To get a high score, you will need to choose your guesses carefully, pay attention to the hints that come up after you make your guess and determine what the likely answer is. It isn't an easy game, but it is especially addictive and a lot of fun.

What might not be outwardly apparent is what Lucky Click has to do with math games but that's what makes it so great for kids to play. It isn't a typical math game by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn't mean your kids aren't learning about math - even if they don't realize it. By reading the hints between guess (the number is too small or the number is too big hints) and adjusting their guess accordingly, your kids will be using their logic skills. Since they only have five guesses and are working on a time limit, they need to learn to hone those guesses in quickly. The better they get at doing that, the stronger their logic skills are getting - even if they don't realize it.

Overall, Lucky Click is a math game your kids are actually going to want to play. It is challenging enough to keep their interest and trying for a high score will appeal to their competitive nature. There will be some lucky guesses that will get their confidence up, but after a while, they will start finding it less and less difficult to guess correctly. Learning to develop a strategy will also help improve your children's creative problem solving skills which will help them significantly with word or picture problems in math class. Play the game with them and challenge them to beat your high score. Just don't be too surprised when they actually do.