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Ice Cream Truck

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Ice Cream Truck Controls

The control scheme of Ice Cream Truck is as easy as it could get. Just use your mouse throughout the game: from buying ice cream, toppings, and coins; tweaking the mixture of toppings and ice cream; getting the game started; calling it a day when you are out of ice cream; and everything else in between. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. Now let's have a closer look at this math game.

Ice Cream Truck Guide

Ice Cream Truck - this is one of those math games that will hook young ones and grown-ups alike. The goal of this game is to make enough cash by selling ice cream and move on to the next city. Keep in mind that you only have 10 days to amass the necessary amount of cash. As you go farther into the game, you will have to make MORE money for each city to pass to the higher levels. If, after 10 days, you are still short on cash, you start from day one in the same city with only $25 to get your business going.

Using your money, you need to purchase 3 things to fuel your ice cream business - ice cream, toppings, as well as cones... and you can do this day in and day out. One trick is to buy in greater quantities. That will give you better deals, which translates to BETTER profits. For example, a liter of ice cream costs $1.25. HOWEVER, you can buy 2.5 liters for $2.50... you are getting half a liter extra by buying 2 liters! And those are just one of the options. I HIGHLY recommend that you check out all of the wholesale buying options, and maximize the savings you can get from it.

As for the selling part, before you start another day, you have to set the amount of ice cream, toppings, as well as the price by moving those blue markers. As you tweak all three, you will notice that the bottom part of the screen shows the maximum amount of servings you can sell. For example: you have 5 grams of toppings in your inventory. Setting the bar at 1 gram per serving will tell you that you have, at most, 5 servings. Along with that, it will also show you what limits the maximum amount of servings. This is very useful if you are wondering which of the three - cones, ice cream, toppings, are lacking in your inventory.

When it comes to setting the price, don't get too giddy and greedy... don't set it too high. Even if you have stuffed your ice cream with a ton of toppings, this is NOT a good way to go. Sure enough, you will make money at first, BUT as days go by, your popularity will go down and that means you will get fewer customers in the following days. Instead, go for a price that is fair... one that is reasonable. Do that and you can expect more customers flocking to your mobile ice cream shop. And here's more: when your popularity reaches 5, expect a surprise visit from someone famous to buy some ice cream... which can only BOOST your popularity even more!

After you have enough ice cream, toppings, and cones in your inventory, and after you set the amounts for every serving and its price, just click Start Day. Things will move automatically. You can always speed up the events by clicking on the Speed button on the lower part of the screen. After every round or day, you get to see how well or bad you did. You can check out the graphs to see how much you generated in revenue and how much you have gained in popularity. Complete every city until you reach the final level. Bag the HIGHEST score and post it on HoodaMath score boards!