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Just like other math games made for kids, Fraction Poker comes with a control scheme that is very easy for kids to pick up. The game is played entirely with the mouse: from dealing the cards, clicking on the appropriate fractions and cards, drawing and scoring, all the way to cashing out. As long as you child knows how to point and click, he / she can have hours of FUN with this math game. With that taken care of, let's take a closer look at the game.

Fraction Poker Guide

Fraction Poker - a math game from Hooda Games that your kids will surely LOVE! This is just like your average poker BUT instead of dealing with Kings, Queens, Aces or Spades, Diamonds, etc., you deal with fractions and numbers. The objective of the game is very simple: you have to find ALL of the equivalent fractions in your hand.

The game play is just as simple as the controls: to get the game started, just click on the deal button on the right side of your game screen. You will be given a hand - 5 cards with fractions on each of them. Next, you need to click on the equivalent fractions. For example: you are given this hand - 15/25, 24/40, 9/15, 3/5, and 6/10. For grown-ups or kids who are really good at mental math, this would be a piece of cake. Otherwise, this game is going to give your brain a good exercise on fractions and division.

Going back to our example, one has to simplify all of the fractions (simplified fraction are fractions in their lowest or irreducible form). To do just that, we need to keep dividing the fractions' numerator and denominator by their BIGGEST common factor until they are indivisible.

15/25 - this fraction can be divided by 5, which results to a simplified fraction of 3/5. Moving forward, 24/40 has 8 as its BIGGEST common factor and this results to 3/5 (a simplified fraction and it's an equivalent fraction to 15/25). Onto the next fraction - 9/15... This fraction has 3 as its BIGGEST common factor, and again, it results to 3/5. Rinse and repeat the whole process, and you will see that all 5 fractions in the hand given are equivalent fractions!

Moving to the next step, you have to click on all of the equivalent fractions (which highlights them). In this case, we have to click on all 5 cards. Once you are sure all equivalent fractions are clicked and highlighted, just press on the draw button, which is just below the deal button, and watch your score increase! For a pair of equivalent fractions, you bag 2 points; you get 4 points for 2 pairs; and 6 points for 3 of a kind. HOWEVER, if you manage draw a full-house, you are awarded 16 points. BUT that's not all, produce a 4 of a kind and you get a whopping 40 points! That said, it's important not to rush... make sure you milk that hand you are given for whatever points its worth by carefully reducing all of the fractions down to its simplified form.

Once you feel you have earned enough points, you can always stop the game by clicking the cash out button. If your score is high enough, you can get your name to the leader scoreboard!

Another nice thing about this math game from Hooda Games is that the site provides a worksheet - where you can write down the equivalent fractions in the hand; the score you earned for that hand; and if decided to cash out or continue. You can even use it as a scratch paper if you want to. This worksheet provided by Hooda Games can be of great use for parents and teachers to watch their child's / student's progress in the world of fractions.

Find the equivalent fractions, earn points, cash out whenever you want to, and you get to sharpen your fraction and division skills - there's really nothing to lose in this math game!