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Factor Feeder

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Factor Feeder Controls

Being a math game built from the ground up for kids, the control scheme of Factor Feeder is very straightforward and easy to pick up. The game is played entirely with the arrow keys (left, right, up, and down). Use these to move your character in the right direction. OK, that's about it for the controls. Now let's have a closer look at this math game.

Factor Feeder Guide

If you are looking for math games to sharpen your child's basic math skills, or if you are just bored and you want something that will help you kill time, Factor Feeder is one of those games you should check out. The objective of the game is VERY easy: you should eat the numbers that are factors of a given multiple number. Before you start a level, you are given a number. For our example, let's say that number is 12. So what are the factors of twelve? From the top of my head, here are some: 3, 4, 6, 2, 1 (this is constant) and 12. What you need to do now is munch on all of those numbers a la Pacman. If you have played Pacman back in the good and old days, the game play of this math game will be VERY familiar to you.

Now, there are a couple of obstacles along the way. Aside from the factors of the given number, other numbers are tossed into the mix and you should avoid them. Going back to our example above, munching numbers like 5, 8, or 7 results to a loss of life. By the way, you only have 3 lives in the game. Lose all of them and it's game over... you have to start from square one. Another thing you should keep an eye on is your time. Once it runs out, you will another life. Fortunately, if you finished a level quick enough, the bonus time is carried over to the next level... giving you more time and room to complete the challenge.

And to complete our list of obstacles and challenges, there's the purple-colored monster that is out to get you. Just like in Pacman, this purple-monster is out to get you... and he will roam around the place in search of you. Avoid him at all costs or you will end up as his lunch instead. While there are no power-ups in this game that would allow you to take on that monster, there's only of it so you shouldn't have a very hard time keeping an eye on him while keeping a safe distance.

The key skill that this math game develops is... you guessed it - factoring! In playing this game, in each and every level, you have to be aware of the factors of the given number. It also helps your child's multiplication (Ex. What numbers, when multiplied together result to 12? Or which multiplier results to a product of 12 when multiplied with 4?) and division skills (Ex. Does 12 divided by 3 result to 4?). And to top everything off, the challenges in the game 'forces' your child to process everything mentally... and mental math is VERY helpful in school.

If your child is having a hard time coping up with this math game and its challenges, there's always the practice button / option for every level. Here, your child can take his or her time in collecting or eating those factors as there is no purple-colored monster that would chase your kid. You can also play on the practice mode together with your kid... asking her relevant questions as you sharpen his / her basic factoring skills.

Summing things up, this math game - Factor Feeder is a very good 'edutainment' (education + entertainment) tool. The controls are easy to pick up; the graphics and sound track is above average and not distracting at all; and it keeps the fun flowing.