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Exact Change

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Exact Change Controls

Use the left mouse button to click on coins to collect them.

Exact Change Guide

Exact Change is a challenging, addictive online math game in which you have to collect the coins as they drop from the top of the screen to try to make correct change. Coins are in all the denominations you are familiar with; .01, .05, .10, .25, .50, $1.00, and $5.00 but if you don't live in the United States, you may want to go to the instructions screen before you begin playing to familiarize yourself with that denominations the different coins are in. You can also play by randomly clicking on the coins. You likely won't get the exact change bonus, but if you collect enough coins, you should have no problem getting a high score.

The goal of Exact Change is simple - click on as many coins as you can before your time runs out. There are bonuses along the way that you can collect, but don't count on them to make your game easier as they don't appear very often. Silver, red, green and blue balloons in a bunch give you bonus points, the orange icon with the snail on it slows the coins down, the clock icon gives you extra time, the target icon gives you an extra life. When these bonuses appear, do what you can to collect them. They definitely help make the game easier. If you meet the level goal before your time runs you, you will score bonus points for the remaining time on the clock. This is another great way to get bonus points.

Exact Change is challenging because you are required to do quick math in a format that not everyone is used to using on a regular basis. While we all spend money and are familiar with using change, being required to add up that change quickly can be a bit of a challenge. Add to that the fact that the coins fall very quickly and you've got quite a difficult game. That is really the reason this game is so beneficial not only for children but for adults as well. If you find yourself standing in a store struggling to add up your change when making a purchase, this game is great for you. You'll strengthen those math skills while having fun. In addition, playing the game with your kids will help build a solid foundation for them to build their math skills on. This prepares them well for school work and for life. By playing this game with your kids, you are having fun, spending time together and helping ensure that they won't have the same problems most adults have when making change.