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Move the die by clicking and holding the left mouse button, dragging with the mouse and releasing the left mouse button. Undo a move using 'u'. Reset a puzzle using 'r'.

Endice Guide

Endice is a challenging and addictive puzzle based math game that any fan of the genre is going to absolutely love. It isn't your typical math game which is definitely what makes it so appealing to fans of math games who are sick of playing the same old thing. It isn't easy to present something new to fans of this genre but this game sets out to do just that and more importantly, it succeeds. This isn't a math game that is only going to appeal to people who actually enjoy math. This is a game that appeals to anyone who enjoys a game that stimulates the mind and challenges the player to think. There are no complicated graphics and even the rules are pretty simple to follow. Actually completing the puzzles, especially those that come later in the game is quite a different story.

The goal in Endice is to get all of the dice into the outlined zones on the game screen without any moves remaining. The number of moves each die can make is indicated by the number shown on the die. Each move you make will reduce the number on the die by one. Ideally, you will get your die one move away from the outlined zone with only one dot remaining on the die. You can use one die to push another die as long as you have an appropriate number of moves to do so. Pushing a die with another die from one outlined zone to another will not cost you a move on the die being pushed. For example, say you have two shaded zones side by side and two dice. You've put one die in one of the outlined areas and need to move it so you can bring the second die home. You put the second die next to the first and move it over one space. You will use a move on the second die but not on the first.

There are four different difficulty levels in Endice; easy, medium, hard and harder. Newcomers to puzzle based math games should complete all of the easy puzzles before moving on to a higher difficulty level. The first few puzzles are extremely easy but they get much harder as you progress. It takes skill to even complete all of the puzzles in the easy category but once you do, you should have a good understanding of how the game works and should be well prepared for the medium puzzles. If you just jump right into the medium puzzles, you're going to find yourself in over your head very quickly. More experienced puzzles based math game players may want to consider starting with medium although they will likely be tempted to give hard a shot. This game isn't like most of the other games in the genre. Although you might be able to handle the harder puzzles right off the bat, it doesn't hurt to start off easier just to make sure. You'll still have fun even if your skills aren't put to the test.

One of the greatest things about Endice is the ability to undo moves or reset the puzzle without having to start over from the beginning or even leave the puzzle screen. If might not seem like a big deal but it really is when you consider not all math games offer these features. If you've only made one small mistake but you're not able to correct it, you don't have to go back to the menu and start the entire puzzle over and can instead just undo the move. This is especially beneficial if you mouse jumped and you meant to drag the die into another position or if you just realized as you were letting go of the mouse button that you needed to move your die somewhere else. You won't lose all the progress you've made up to that point. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling with a puzzle and finally get somewhere only to mess up and have to start over.

If you want to do well in Endice, you're going to have to be patient and think about your moves before you make them. This isn't your average math game. You aren't simply required to solve a math equation with the right number or mathematical symbol. This is a game that requires you to be creative and use logic to get ahead. There isn't a single puzzle in this game that can't be solved but that doesn't mean there won't be times when you're sure the puzzle you're working on is impossible. Frustration is likely your biggest enemy in this game. It's hard to approach a problem logically when you're frustrated. There is always a solution. You just need to look for it. If you're feeling frustrated, take a step away from the game. Have a coffee. Watch a movie. Do something else for a while and then come back and try again. Sometimes you just need to look at the puzzle a different way.

Overall, Endice is a patience testing puzzle based math game that will challenge you to be creative and logical. It never feels like a lesson but you are in fact learning as you play. The more you play the better you'll get. Newcomers are going to struggle but will be able to get the hang of it if they stick with it. Experienced puzzle based math game players are going to love the difficulty level as the puzzles, especially those later in the game are really going to put their skills to the test. If you're looking for a solid math game that will force you to really use your brain, Endice is a game you should not pass up. Be sure to put it on your must play list. You'll be glad you did.