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DropSum Controls

Use the mouse to choose the column and drop the ball until the column using the left mouse button. Press 'p' to pause the game.

DropSum Guide

Dropsum is an entertaining and addictive online math game you will have no problem getting your children to play. Like many other online math games, the object of the game is simply to use basic math to create sums by combining numbered balls so they equal a sum. As you advance in Dropsum, you are given higher numbers to work with and the sum you need to produce will raise as the game progresses. This gives your children a chance to expand their math skills even further which offers obvious benefits. While they will likely struggle right after the sum changes from nine to eleven and so on throughout the game, they will adjust after playing the game a few times and have an easier time making the switch. It isn't an easy game, but it is definitely a fun one!

Instead of focusing on making several small equations of two numbers to get through the level more quickly, Dropsum rewards bigger equations with bonus points. The more numbers you have in the equation, the more points you will get for that equation. For example, a group of three numbers will give you 81 points, a group of four numbers will give you 256 points and on from there. To count though, all of the numbers combined must equal the target sum. You can also get bonus points for 'popping' numbers. This happens when you use a single number in multiple equations. The number will change color depending on how many times you use it. When you use it once the ball will turn blue. When you use that blue ball again to make a second equation it will turn yellow. Using that yellow ball in another equation will make the ball turn red. Use that red ball in equation and you will 'pop' that ball. Try to plan out where your red balls will be. If you can, pop more than one ball at once and you will get a great bonus for your careful planning.

One of the best ways to get a high score in Dropsum is to carefully plan out your groups of balls. For example, place four threes in a row with a space separating them in the middle (two on either side of the empty space). When you get another three, drop it in that empty space. This will give you several equations and a higher bonus. Dropsum also offers a star bonus to help you build points faster. Sometimes a ball with have a star icon above the number. Collect as many stars as you can to maximize your star bonus.

There are three modes of play you can choose from in Dropsum. Timed Mode offers a great challenge but it might be better to start out with a less intense mode until you get used to playing the game. In timed mode, you ball will automatically drop if the timer reaches the top of the screen which can make things much more difficult depending on where the ball lands. In Arcade Mode you are given several potential power ups you can use to make the game easier. You'll see the power ups you can use at the top of the screen. You need only click on the power up to use it. The 'star' bonus gives you a star to use on any ball. The 'x' bonus allows you to make a ball one step closer to popping. The 'x' bonus that is shown on a red background can be used to removes any tile. 'The black horizontal line' bonus allows you to make an entire row of balls one step closer to popping. The 'black vertical line' bonus can be used to make an entire column one step closer to popping. The 'red horizontal line' bonus removes an entire row of balls. The 'red vertical line' bonus removes an entire column of balls. The 'hourglass' bonus freezes the timer.

Bonuses are only available in Arcade Mode and are gathered by actions you perform throughout the level. You earn a 'star' bonus by making a four number equation. Earn an 'x' bonus by making a three number equation or collecting three stars. Earn an 'x' bonus with a red background by collecting four stars or making a five number equation. Earn a 'black horizontal line' bonus by making a seven number equation. Earn a 'black vertical line' bonus by collecting five stars or making a six number equation. Earn a 'red horizontal line' bonus by collecting seven stars or more or making an eight number equation. Earn a 'red vertical line' bonus by collecting seven stars or making a seven number equation. Collect six stars or make a six number equation to earn the 'hourglass' bonus.

Overall, Dropsum is an excellent game to use to teach your children to do math or help them with their math skills. Not only does it help with simple math, but it also helps with using logic and planning to solve problems. Kids will need to carefully plan the moves they make, especially in arcade mode, if they want to get a high score of collect bonuses. It is without a doubt one of the best math games online and one your kids will love to play.