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DinoKids - Math

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DinoKids - Math Controls

Click number panel with the left mouse button and drag it into place in the equation.

DinoKids - Math Guide

Dinokids - Math is one of the best online math games for teaching your kids addition and to a lesser extent, subtraction. In this game, you are given a series of equations with the number one through nine on panels below the equation. The goal is to complete all of the equations in each level before time runs out. To do this, your child will need to think quickly. The game starts easy, but gets harder as it progresses. There are three levels in total and you need to beat all three levels before you beat the game. When you do beat the game you are presented with your score. Play along with your kids and challenge them to beat your score. This makes the game much more fun and gives you something you are able to do with your children. The fact that they are learning about is simply an added bonus.

The great thing about Dinokids - Math is that it doesn't really feel like a math game. The graphics are fun and colorful and the race to get the questions answered on time makes the game exciting. This one is surprisingly addictive. Even after you beat the game you will want to keep playing to try to get a better score. Playing the game with your kids makes it even more fun as they try to keep up with Mom or Dad. They won't feel like they're learning.

DinoKids - Math is an online math game you can play with your children before they even begin taking math in school. When you get a wrong answer, the dinosaur at the top right of the screen tells you that that equation equals so even when your child isn't getting the right answers, they are still learning. The graphics are colorful and the music is fun so even your children will like playing. Getting your kids to play this game isn't difficult at all and will help them learn that doing math can be enjoyable. They will associate math with playtime which means it provides obvious benefits for when they start learning math in school.

Although DinoKids - Math is really aimed at younger children, it is a game anyone can enjoy. If you have older kids that like online games, this is a great game to suggest playing. Unlike many other online math games, the challenge isn't presented in a test like way, so it can be much easier to get older kids to play this one.