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Count the Cubes

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Count the Cubes Controls

The control scheme of this math game is as easy as it could get. Count The Cubes is played entirely with the mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go - a couple of clicks to get the game started, clicks to key in your answer... or alternatively, you can use the numpad key. Well, that sums up the control section of Count The Cubes. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Count the Cubes Guide

Have you ever tried counting boxes piled up on each other? If you are facing just one side or if you could easily go to the other side, it's easy. You shouldn't have any problems. BUT, if you are situated where you can see the three dimensions of the boxes and you can't move around, it gets complicated. Some boxes are covered; sometimes you would think there's a box somewhere BUT there isn't, etc. So what does this have to do with the math game - Count The Cubes?

Well, A LOT because that's exactly what you are going to do! You have to count the cubes. The cubes will fall from above in rapid fire fashion and, once they have settled down, it's time to count. The game comes with 10 levels that are increasing in difficulty. The first 3 or four levels should be a piece of cake. BUT once you get to the 5 level all the way to the final one, you have to use your imagination and improvise a bit to determine how many cubes are in the pile. You have to check out the rows of cubes and how many cubes are there in a row; see if that stack of 3 cubes is covering other cubes; etc.

Your score is judged by 2 factors: (1) if you gave the correct answer and (2) the amount of time it took you to beat a level. The faster you count the boxes correctly and submit your answer, the MORE points you earn. HOWEVER, if you submit an incorrect answer or count for the boxes, at least a thousand points will be deducted from your score! That said, it would be better to err on the side of being too slow. At least, you have lesser chances of going wrong. If you score high enough after 10 levels of play, your submitted score could make it to the leader's scoreboard.

While this math game doesn't really focus on any specific math skills like division, fraction, subtraction, decimals, etc. (does counting count?), I think Count The Cubes is a good way to help develop your child imagination and improvisation skills. This is one of those games I'd love to see my son play for hours. Give it a shot... even grown-ups can be hooked up on this game!