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Color 21

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Color 21 Controls

Left mouse button to drop numbered orb.

Color 21 Guide

Color 21 is a challenging and fun math game that can entertain your kids while teaching them math. The game is addictive and draws you in. You want to find a way to make it to the next level, but that can be harder than it seems. To really progress in this game, you need to plan your moves carefully. If you don't, you're going to find yourself in a spot that is difficult to get out of that will almost certainly lead to the end of your game. The great about Color 21 is that while it can be frustrating, it is always fun and very entertaining. It's a perfect game for your children to plan, for you to play or for you to play together. You won't have to mind your kids spending time with them because they will learn and strengthen their addiction skills while they play.

The object of Color 21 is to drop numbered orbs into one of the four columns provided so that numbers on the orbs equal twenty-one when added together. To make the game a bit easier, the sum of the orbs you currently have in each column is shown at the bottom of the column. If you go over twenty-one, you bust. You only have three busts per column before you are no longer able to use that column. To make things more difficult, you never know what number you're going to get. You are able to drop five orbs into each column. If you try to drop more than five orbs into a column, the orbs will all disappear, but it will not count as a bust. This is definitely a good thing to keep in mind. Try placing lower numbers you don't need in a column. You can fill that column as many times as you need to without losing the use of the column later in the game.

There are several bonuses you can get throughout Color 21 for a variety of things. You get the rainbow bonus for using orbs of different colors to get twenty-one. You get the color 21 bonus for reaching twenty-one using orbs of the same color. If you use give orbs to reach twenty-one, you get the five orb bonus. Like many other online math games, most of the fun comes from trying to get a high score and the bonuses make that easier. All too often with other online math games, there are no such bonuses which makes it harder to build a high score.

Overall, Color 21 is a great online math game that your kids with love playing. The graphics are bright and colorful and the game itself isn't overly complicated. Aside from helping your children strengthen their math skills, the game also helps them building their problem solving, logic and planning skills. This is a great educational game your children will have a blast playing.