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Enter the answer to the equation using the number keys on your keyboard. Clear your answer using 'backspace' or 'delete'.

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With three levels of difficulty to choose from - Easy, Normal and Genius - and equations from every basic math operation, Calc is an excellent game that will help your kids improve their math skills. The graphics aren't flashy or over the top like you would find in many of the other online math games, but instead sleek and professional looking. The focus of this game is on the game itself and the equations, not on the graphics. The symbols might be a little hard to get used to for new players, but as you play, you'll get the hang of it. The addition and subtraction symbols are the standard symbols ('+' and '-') but the symbols for multiplication are different that you would expect. A multiplication equation will use '.' as the symbol while division problems will use ':'. This is much different than most other math games, but anyone used to using calculators (where the game gets its name) will recognize those symbols as fairly common on standard calculators.

The great thing about Calc is that it allows your child to focus on the math equations without being distracted by graphics or a colorful backdrop. The sole focus of the game is placed on the math and answering the equations as quickly as possible which shows your child that doing math can actually be a lot of fun. Because the game is so basic, however, younger children might have a hard time paying attention, so it is much better suited for older kids.

The basic premise of Calc is no more complicated than the premise of the standard online math game. You are given ten lives and a time limit. You need to answer as many of the questions you are given before time runs out. If you run out of time, you will lose a life. If you enter the wrong answer, you will lose a life. Keeping those two facts in mind, it's obvious you have to do the equations quickly but you also need to do them right. This takes a little practice and is also why this game is so addictive. If you want to get a high score, it is a great idea to do fast, easy equations as quickly as possible and take a little more time with the more difficult ones. Finding this balance will take a bit of effort, but the effort pays off.

Overall, Calc is an excellent math game that will help your kids learn to do math and learn to calculate equations quickly that your kids will actually enjoy playing. It is also a great way to get your kids used to using the number keys on their keyboards which many other math games online don't. This is a great game that is well worth introducing your kids to.