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Brain Racer Fractions

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Brain Racer Fractions Controls

Brain Racer Fractions is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in your answer then press enter to submit it. Use the tab or space keys to change the cursor between the numerator and denominator.

Brain Racer Fractions Guide

Brain Racer Fractions is the sequel to the math game, Brain Racer. This time, the focus is on fraction arithmetic. This mathematics game has three categories: addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division each with six levels for a total of eighteen stages.

The objective of Brain Racer Fractions is to complete the race in first place. Your avatar will automatically run around the track, but you are in control of their speed. Your character's speed will increase for each correct answer that you give. Answering incorrectly reduces your character's speed. In order to maintain a decent pace to beat the other races, you will have to supply a steady stream of correct answers.

There is a total of eighteen races in this mat game. These races are broken into groups of six under the categories of adding/subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The first levels in any category are easy, but later levels feature more difficult problems. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each race, so you may continue your progress at a later time if you need to take a break. It should be noted that if you are an educator using this game as a teaching tool, any other students that use the same computer will be able to continue from where other students left off unless the Flash cookies are cleared.

Brain Racer Fractions is not a good tool for teaching fractions, since explanations of fraction arithmetic are not given in the game. This mathematics game is a good tool for practicing fraction arithmetic, however. This game is also a good tool to practice mental math, since victory here requires quick input of correct answers. Players that are able to quickly convert fractions in their heads as well as do basic arithmetic and reduction of fractions will come out on top. Just be sure to pay attention to which box your cursor is located in and realize that not all solutions in this math game will be given in lowest terms.

Brain Racer Fractions provides a fun way to practice fractions. Simple controls, cute graphics, and non-violent gameplay make this math game an excellent tool for parents or educators!