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Blockade Controls

Move from square to square using the left mouse button.

Blockade Guide

Blockade is a challenging online math game that challenges the player to remove all 121 blocks on the game grid without running out of moves. If you are no longer able to move your game is over. It may sound simple, but it's anything but. The rules of the game are just as simple as the premise. You can move to any of the surrounding blocks as long as the number on that block is the same as the block you are currently on, higher than the block you are currently on or half the number of the block you are currently on. For example, say you're on block '6'. You would be able to move to a block with the numbers, '3', '6', '7', '8' or '9'. From '9' you are able to start over by moving to a '1' block. The game probably still sounds pretty easy. Give it a try and you'll see it's quite the opposite.

Blockade perfectly marries the best parts of popular puzzle games with the best parts of popular math games. While you aren't required to answer any equations, you are in fact learning math while you play. A big part of math is using logic to solve math problems and this game is a great way to develop those logic skills. The moment you run out of moves your game is over, so you need to carefully plan each and every move you make. Before you move, look at the numbers that you can see surrounding the block you are about to move to. Choose to move to the lowest numbers first as you'll have far more moves open to you that way. Figuring out the best way to go will take a few attempts and even still, clearing all 121 blocks is extremely difficult.

The great thing about Blockade is that it is an addictive, challenging game you won't mind your children playing. Instead of wasting time on a game that doesn't teach them anything, they will be playing a game that helps them develop important skills that will give them a great head start when they reach problem solving in math in school.

Overall, Blockade is a game you will love and that your children will love as well. Play it together and try to clear all of the blocks as a team. This will allow you to spend valuable time together while you're helping your children learn; even if they don't realize they're learning at all. That might be the biggest benefit Blockade offers over most of the other math games online. Instead of obviously teaching math, this game instead focuses on providing a difficult challenge. Children aren't always going to want to do something educational. Blockade teaches them without them even being aware of it which makes it far more likely they'll want to play.