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Battle Math

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Battle Math Controls

Battle Math is controlled by using the keyboard. Type in the solution to arithmetic operations above enemies then press enter to defeat the enemy.

Battle Math Guide

Battle Math is a mathematics-based defense game. This math game features cartoonish graphics and simple arithmetic that make it perfect for elementary school students.

The objective of Battle Math is to defend the schoolhouse from incoming enemies. Enemies in this math game have arithmetic operations above them. Use the keyboard to type in the solution to the operation, then press enter to input your answer. Inputting the correct answer will result in the destruction of the appropriate enemies. Entering an incorrect number does nothing. When the wave of enemies is complete, the next stage will be unlocked. If enough enemies make it to the schoolhouse to completely deplete its health, the game will end. This math game automatically saves the progress of players, so it can be continued at a later date. It should be noted that players playing on the same computer will be able to continue from where others left off until the Flash cache is cleared, however, since there are no individual save files for different players.

Battle Math is good practice of the arithmetic operators of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It should be noted that this math game uses a colon (':') as its division symbol. Enemies that use different arithmetic operators have different appearances (for example bumblebees use addition problems while aliens in flying sauce are defeated by solving division problems). The fact that the appearance of enemies can be used to signify which operation must be used means that this math game is also great practice of visual processing and working memory.

Battle Math is a defense game with cute graphics and no gore, making it safe for classroom environments. The controls are easy enough for children to understand, and the game is not too fast-paced so young students will be able to master it. Parents and educators alike can use this mathematics game as a tool to help their children practice their arithmetic!