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Arithmetic Challenge

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Use the number keys on your keyboard to answer the equations.

Arithmetic Challenge Guide

Arithmetic Challenge is an excellent online math game that challenges your math skills and helps you strengthen them in the process. This game provides an excellent opportunity way to show your kids that learning can actually be fun; something most kids don't realize. This intense and fun game will help your children in all areas of math or can be used to help your child improve in a particular area of math they have trouble with.

Arithmetic Challenge gives you sixty seconds to complete as many math problems as you can; focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. When you begin the game, you are asked to choose which operation you want to tackle. To make your choice, simply click on the symbol. From there, you are given a list of questions that you have to answer. They range in difficulty so some will be easy while some will be harder. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score will be. Incorrect answers will subtract from your score though so think about your answers before you type them.

The great thing about Arithmetic Challenge is that, unlike many other online math games, it strengthens more than just your math skills. This math game requires quick thinking and decent typing skills. Most people aren't used to using the number keys on their keyboard, but you will need to be able to in this game. You have to hit the keys quickly and accurately if you want to get a good score, so even your typing skills will improve.

Arithmetic Challenge is a great game for children because, as I mentioned, it helps develop such a wide variety of skills. The mere fact that you can choose what operation you want to focus on makes this math game an invaluable teaching too. On top of that, you child can track their progress as their score gets higher which will encourage them to continue and help boost their self esteem. It isn't easy to feel you aren't good at something, but this game allows them to see that with practice they can get better. The game is also a lot of fun, so your children will actually have a good time doing math. If you start them with this game early enough, you can help them associate math with playtime and fun which offers its own rewards down the line.