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Use the left mouse button to click.

Agraphe Guide

Agraphe is an excellent math game that combines logic, strategy and math to create a truly challenging game. The game may be a little advanced for younger children, but older children will have a great time trying to solve the puzzles and move on to the next round. Agraphe will help your child develop their problem solving and logic skills without making it feel like work. They'll have fun learning with this engrossing, surprisingly addictive game.

Each level presents new challenges you must overcome to make it to the next level. The controls are simple and easy to understand. The graphics are basic. If you are looking for a flashy game that relies on fancy graphics to entertain you, you may want to look elsewhere. This isn't that type of game.

The rules of Agraphe are fairly simple although they're quite a bit different from most online math games. You are shown a grid with nodes (the circles) that are connected by lines. There is one node at the top and and several descending nodes. The node at the top is the sort of parent node and the decending nodes are the children. The goal of the game is to activate the parent mode but that can be fairly difficult to do, especially in later levels, and will involve careful thinking and planning. To turn on the parent node, you will need to activate the nodes directly descending from it. To activate those nodes, you will need to active the nodes descending from them. The trick is, you are only allowed to have a certain number of active nodes at any given time. The number of nodes you are allowed to have active and the number of nodes you currently have active is indicated at the top right of your game screen. You are able to deactivate nodes to get more moves, but you have to be careful. Once a node has been deactivated, it can't be reactivated. In addition, nodes marked with a cross can not be deactivated once they are activated.

The rules for Agraphe might sound a little complex, but that's because the game is. This isn't your typical online math game and it can be a struggle to get through the puzzles. Your kids will love the feeling they get from finally figuring out a puzzle they've been stuck on, and you can always chime in to help when they're having trouble. This is a game that really requires you think about each step you take and plan each move. Your kids won't even realize they're learning, but they will be. This is a game that teaches you how to analyze a problem and carefully plot a solution.

The best way to approach the puzzles in Agraphe is to think about the move you are about to make and analyze it from every perspective. Figure out what your next move will be before you even click the node. Be patient and don't rush. There's no time limit. Make a wrong move and you'll find you've more or less lost the level. It's very strategic and very addictive. This is a great game for you and your children to play together.