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Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular)

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Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular) Controls

Use the number keys to enter your angle. Hit enter to turn to that angle.

Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular) Guide

Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular) is an excellent online math game that is completely different from most other online math games. Instead of focuses on answering questions, you are challenged with defending your ship against missiles by turning your ship to fend them off. Your weapon fires automatically, but you have to enter the angle you want to fire in. You will not fire while you are turning, so you need to act fast and make sure you are turning in the right direction. This is easier said than done.

Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular) is one of the most challenging math games online simply because it is so different. You need to act quickly and enter the angle in which you want to move so you need to be familiar with the angles. While in the tutorial mode you are given a chart of the basic angles to get used to moving your ship. Take advantage of this as you will not have that chart when you actually begin playing the game. Some missiles attack quicker than others so you will need to take those missiles out first while keeping an eye on the other missiles. There really isn't time to be turning in the wrong direction. You can buy upgrades so your weapons will be stronger, fire faster and so your ship can turn more quickly and take more damage, but you will need gems to buy those upgrades. Since you need to get gems the same way you need to shoot missiles, you need to know your angles to get those as well. When you begin the game, you can only take three hits before your game is over. If you don't know your angles, it doesn't take long for you to take those three hits.

Aether: Episode 1 (Missangular) is a great math game because it teaches you about angles; which is something that is lacking from a lot of other online math games. Most other math games focus on the basic operations like adding, subtracting multiplication and division, while this one helps your children tackle a more advanced aspect of math without making it feel like studying. Overall, this is an excellent game to with your kids. They'll learn without even realizing it.