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ADDiction Controls

Select number blocks to form equations by clicking blocks with the left mouse button. Submit the equation by double clicking with the left mouse button.

ADDiction Guide

ADDiction is a fun and addictive online math game that will teach your kids the basics of math while they're having fun. Since they will be using all of the basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) the game offers a well rounded boost of the foundations of math.

In ADDiction, the goal is pretty simple. You simply need to complete whatever challenge is placed before you so you can advance to the next level. Your kids can make equations as long or as short as they like. The challenge will be different depending on which mode of play you choose to use. In Timed Mode, you are given a certain amount of time to collect the required number of points to pass the level. In Prime Mode there is no time limit. Instead you will have to reach the 'target sum' in order to pass to the next level. Regardless of which mode you choose, there are bonuses you can use to get a better score. The light blue block is a wild card of sorts. You can use it place of any operator or any number in an equation. The white blocks with a squared symbol will freeze the timer so you can have a little more time to complete the level. You will need to use the number on the bonus block in order to gain the 'time freeze' bonus.

Timed Mode in ADDiction is great because it allows you to enter whatever equations you can find before the time runs out. You advance to the next level when you have collected the required number of points. This makes it ideal for kids who are just learning math or who need a little extra help developing their math skills. All of the basic mathematical operations are used in the game so it provides a well rounded educational experience that also happens to be a lot of fun. If your child is able to form enough equations quickly enough to refill the time bar, they will get a bonus of 300 points. If they're stuck they can hit refresh (on the left side of the game screen) so that all the numbers on the blocks will change. This option should be used sparingly though as some of the blocks may turn to stone and will then not be able to be used until they are normal again.

For older kids or kids that are looking to sharpen advanced math skills (or kids looking for a good challenge) Prime Mode will provide what they're looking for. In Prime Mode you are given a target sum (a prime number) and you need to build an equation that equals that target sum before you can advance to the next level. This provides a much bigger challenge and makes the game much more difficult - perfect for the player that finds Timed Mode too easy. Prime Mode also teaches your kids about planning and using logic to solve a problem as in most cases, in order to get the target sum, you will need to carefully plan moves around that sum to get the numbers you need to make an equation that equals the target sum into place.

Overall, ADDiction is one of the best math games online that will entertain your kids and teach them about math at the same time. The game can be a little difficult, especially as levels advance, but your kids will have a great time trying to meet the challenge.