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A Maze'n Math

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A Maze'n Math Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Move up using the up arrow key. Move down using the down arrow key. Reset the level using 'r'.

A Maze'n Math Guide

A Maze'n Math is an excellent online math game that challenges you as much as it entertains you. This is one of the most unique math games online, not relying on the usual test style format to put your math skills to use. Instead you need to use math to navigate through the game. It is a difficult game that will require you to think about each move you make if you hope to get through the level. The rules can be a little complicated the first few times you play, but you will get the hang of it after a few rounds. Basically, the red square is your player icon. You will use this icon to collect the other blocks on the screen. You will pass the level only if the red block is at zero (which is when it has no number at all showing on it) and all of the blocks have been cleared from the maze. It sounds easy, but little is ever as easy as it sounds at first.

The real challenge of A Maze'n Math lies in secondary rules of the game. You need to carefully choose your moves if you want to get through the level. Your red block starts off at zero but as you clear blocks the red block will change. When your red block clears its first block, it will take on that number. If you clear a two, for example, the red block now has a value of two. This is true any time throughout the game that your red block is at zero. If you were to then clear another two your red block would reset to zero. If you instead cleared a block with a number higher than two, we'll say three for this example, than the red block would add three to its two giving the block a value of five. If you next cleared a five, the number would reset to zero. If you cleared a six, the number would become eleven. Now, let's say instead of a three for your second move you cleared a one. Since the red block still has a value of two at this point, the one would obviously be a lower number. The red block would subtract the one from its two, leaving it with a value of one. The same is true for the latter part of our example. If the red block with a value of five encountered a three instead of a six, the red block would subtract the three from the five, leaving the value of the block at two. These are the basic rules that you will need to follow to get through the game. It might sound a bit complicated, but once you play a few rounds, you'll understand a bit better.

A Maze'n Math, however, doesn't stop there. Later in the game, you will encounter additional icons that make the game more difficult still. To pass blue blocks with a number and a dollar sign, the red block will need to have at least the value shown on the block. Once the red block passes the blue block, the value shown on the blue block will be subtracted from the red block. Using the example we started above, a red block with a value of two will only be able to pass blue blocks with a value of one or two. The yellow pieces add yet another dimension to the game but they can also make things a bit easier. The yellow pieces will display a math formula. Passing that yellow piece will change the value of the red block based on that formula. When you encounter a gray block marked with either '=', '<' or '>' and a number, the value of your red block will have to fit within that range in order for you to pass.

Overall, getting through all twenty-five levels in A Maze'n Math requires skill, careful thinking and the use of math skills for creative problem solving. This game is an excellent tool any parent can utilize to help their child develop great math skills; from basic skills like addition, subtraction and multiplication, to more advanced skills like identifying the difference between the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols as well as squaring numbers. It also shows your children how to use logic to solve problems combined with careful thinking and planning. Your children will love playing this game and won't even care that they're learning at the same time.