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10++ Controls

Click on the blocks with the left mouse button.

10++ Guide

10++ is an addictive, engrossing and intense online math game that will keep you playing round after round. While there are many other math games online that follow the same premise, this one is unique in that the graphics are simple yet not boring and the lucky number bonus adds a little something extra to the game that sets it apart from the competition.

Those familiar at all with online games will immediately notice similarities between 10++ and many other online games that aren't necessarily math games, but it is really the math aspect of it that makes it so much fun. We've all played games in which the goal is to click blocks of the same color or with the same design to remove them from the board. With this game, the object is to click blocks that add up to ten with lucky numbers thrown in for bonus points and more fun.

10++ is a great game for kids as it teaches them to add quickly and use creative problem solving to accomplish a task. While the '9+1' equation is an obvious one, since the goal is to clear as many blocks as you can, encourage your kids to use '5+4+1' or '2+2+2+4' and things of that nature to clear blocks faster. Since you are only able to click blocks on the top level of a column, in many cases, your kids will be forced to look at other ways to make 10 which is a great way to help them develop their math skills. The easiest answer isn't always the best answer and this game definitely teaches them that.

Overall, 10++ is a game kids will love, but parents will love it to, and let's be honest, most of us could use a little help with our math skills anyway. If you find yourself counting on your fingers to solve simple math equations, this is a great game for you to play as well. It is definitely one of the more addictive math games online, and definitely one of the most fun. Play it with your kids and learn together. It's never been this entertaining to learn!